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Upcoming Events


We’re now into the third quarter of 2018 and, while it’s true Thailand has high and low seasons, here at the resort you can be sure it’s a busy time throughout the year as far as events and activities are concerned.

The period July, August and September is no exception. Lending this quarter special flavour, you might say, is a highlight on culinary affairs including new concept of our Azure Restaurant, where a revamped menu offers innovative discoveries along with visits by esteemed guest chef.

At Azure restaurant, we’re launching a new concept this quarter built around our commitment to using local ingredients as much as possible. One place you’ll definitely experience that commitment is on Azure’s signature raw bar. It’s a true farm-and-sea-to-table dining experience, all in a relaxing beachfront setting.

Among enticing culinary events on the calendar this quarter is visit by a guest chef. From 8 to 12 August, will be Chef Tang Xingping, chef de cuisine at InterContinental Shanghai’s Jing’An restaurant who will collaborate with the hotel’s talented team in the creation of irresistible menu items, each outstanding dish will be the perfect blend of Thai touch and Chinese cooking techniques for a Chinese food week from 8-12 August 2018.

Apart from culinary highlights, now InterContinental Hua Hin Resort has finally made a step in the direction of being more environmentally-friendly and became officially a plastic straw free hotel. We will no longer use or provide plastic straws and will only offer paper straws upon guest requests. InterContinental Hua Hin Resort aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste that it produces and limit its impact on the environment.

Yes, food and beverage is a focus during the third quarter of 2018. As is something else always in sharp detail at InterContinental Hua Hin Resort: delighting you with genuine, heartfelt hospitality during every moment of your stay.

For highlights of October, please click HERE for more information. ​



Zumba in Love

This September, we bring Zumba Fitness to Hua Hin with celebrity instructor Kru Num.