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スパ インターコンチネンタル



お客様のトリートメントが始まると、私どものセラピストが、細心の注意の下、お客様に最高の癒やしをご体験いただきます。お客様には、私どものお墨付きのフェイス、ボディ・スクラブ、ラップ (日焼けに最適)や、さらにお墨付きのタイフュージョンマッサージ等からご希望の方法をお選びいただけます。お客様の全体の若返りのためのトリートメントを行います。リラックスできるトリートメント各種が利用可能で、お客様のエネルギ活性化、リシェイプ、ストレス解消や心と体の最高の贅沢の再バランス調整を目的として、様々な方法を用います。




Soothing aromas and quiet tones greet you as you enter the sanctuary of our tranquil spa by the sea. Leave the world outside with a refreshing towel, an herbal drink and mini fruit stick set, to begin your journey to bliss in a mood of calm relaxation and health.

In consultation, our expert therapists will help you select the perfect complement of treatments from our menu of body, facial, massage and beauty treatments. Your personal therapist will lead you to a treatment room where you will enjoy a foot bath with warm water and stones for their stimulating benefits.

As your treatment begins, ease away the years under the pampering attention of our therapist, dedicated to your maximum comfort. Whether you have selected our celebrated facial, body scrub and wrap (ideal for sunburn) or our signature, Oriental Signature Massage, you are on the way to total rejuvenation. A range of relaxing treatments is available – taking you all the way on the path to re-energize, reshape, de-stress, or rebalance in a supreme luxury of body and mind.

Finish off the session with a warm towel, ginger tea, and some light local Thai snacks to bring you back out into the world with a new state of well-being.

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BOOKING: Please call 032 616 999 spa extension 6341 or spa@ichuahin.com