Café de Khoi

Carefully cooked by professional chefs for an all-day food service from early morning breakfast to an evening dinner sets. Your lovely dogs are welcome for meals and snacks, too!

Café de Khoi














If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind Hua Hin coffee experience, Café de Khoi is the place to visit. We serve the best quality coffee along with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The place provides the perfect meetup spot to gather with friends and family, read a book or snap some unique Instagram shots. It is our newly opened, pet-friendly café and bistro, conveniently located at our Bluport wing.

Open daily:

  •  12.00 – 17.00 PM






























At Café de Khoi, we introduce you to “coffee bean of the month”, and have it brewed your favourite way: ice drip, nitro, pour-over or espresso machine. The beans are rotating each month to keep your barista gigs alive. Some of them were introduced already such as the Kangocho Kirinyaga Washed, our single-origin beans from Kenya, and the Los Pirineos Bourbon Natural from El Salvador. We also aim to introduce you to more unique and quality coffee beans from around the world, especially from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Laos.


Choose your perfect spot. Situate yourself indoors to fully enjoy our chic interior design and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, or on our outdoor terrace, where you can watch the world go by under the shade of the ‘Khoi’ trees. Our ‘Khoi’ trees are what give us our name, and they have a long tradition in Thailand, being especially known for their health and medicinal properties, as well as being used for early papermaking.
























If staying at our Bluport wing, Café de Khoi is your destination for a fantastic breakfast experience. Make your choice from our set menu and have it freshly cooked to your taste.

However, Café de Khoi is the right place to be at any time of day. Our bistro menu includes dishes such as our Café de Khoi Niçoise Salad, the Steak de Khoi and an Alaskan King Crab Risotto. Looking for an afternoon tea experience? Ask us about our latest theme. And make sure you don’t miss happy hour, where you can enjoy our craft and international beers, a selection of craft and classic cocktails, as well as our wine and champagne menu.


We pride ourselves on welcoming all, especially your four-legged furry friends. Dogs are most welcome at Café de Khoi. We have a bowl of water waiting for them. Although, if you want to make their day, we have specially designed a menu with dishes just for them, including dog-friendly ice cream.