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Since its discovery, Hua Hin has had a storied past. Originally just a small fishing village known for its splendid white sands and a row of rocks that jutted out along the beach, giving the village its name, Hua Hin (“head of rock”), its gentle beauty eventually reached the ear of the royal court.

Shortly after World War I, the Southern Railroad was completed all the way to the Malaysian border. Recognizing the charm of Hua Hin, in 1921 the director of the state railway, Prince Purachatra, built the Railway Hotel close to the beach. HM King Prajadhipok (Rama VII) liked the place so much that he built a summer palace there as well. Reflecting the area’s serenity, the palace was so aptly named Klai Kang Won: "Far from Worries" 

Soon afterwards the elite of Bangkok society flocked to Hua Hin, building gorgeous residences along the waterfront. Its long, pristine beaches earned a lasting reputation as Siam’s true beach resort, where visitors could enjoy swimming and fishing, but also golf on the country's first standard course.

Nowadays, Hua Hin's pleasures are not all that different from its aristocratic history, a blend of regal elegance and a peaceful, scenic atmosphere.



When you wish to venture further afield, our concierge will be happy to guide you on visits to local heritage and cultural sites



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Our resort's home has a storied past. The seaside town has historically been a favorite of both the Royal Family and the local Thai population


Signature Local Events

Hua Hin continues to make a name for itself as the location for a variety of local and international events